London Underground Socks.

I bought this sexy yarn by TrailingClouds on Etsy called Mind the Gap and was trying to figure out what colour to do on the other side of for the Stitch Surfer sock pattern. First I thought I could do black or charcoal to represent the black tube snot you get after your first few rides on the Underground, but then I though DUDE OYSTER CARD! So I striped the main colour side to represent the Oyster Card that you need to get onto the Tube.

Probably the most expensive socks I own now around $50 I spent on these bad boys to get them JUST RIGHT.

SO PROUD OF THESE! They look SO AMAZING, better then I could have ever planned.

Sexy yarn can be bought here: (but she seems to be closed presently) You need to pay attention to her shop announcements to when she’s going to post the yarn because they’re usually gone within 24 hours.
The other colours I used were KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer yarn in Jay and Fiji, and KnitPicks Stroll Fingering in White.
Stitch Surfer Sock pattern is here:

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    the designer of this is a genius, and also slightly mental (in a good way
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